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Our team - Altuna y Uria

Our main asset always has been our human team whose daily dedication and commitment helps us address all the challenges that bring about development and growth.


Production manager

Eneko Aresti

This company is continually growing; it delegates power and backs up its workers, which also ensures its professionals continuous career growth.

Construction director

Laura Gil

Being part of Altuna y Uria is more than just a job; it means making a positive contribution to developing and improving the community where we work.

Production manager

Cristina González

I have had the opportunity to be trained here and really grow as a professional. I have always felt supported and looked after throughout this process and I know that it will give me the chance to keep on growing and developing within the company.

Site manager

Julio Pascual

I am proud to say that I have worked for this company for 30 years, the company has always trusted me, giving me the chance to take part in major projects that have helped to build this country.


Xabier Urain

“Egin behar dugu” was our motto 30 years ago and it stands to this day: We face any challenge bravely and professionally, “We have to do it”.

Site manager

Marisa Iglesias

Altuna y Uria has a corporate culture which values and supports its employees. It makes an effort to provide professional development opportunities and create a collaborative working atmosphere, driven by attaining maximum potential.


Antton Lekuona

Young talent, recently graduated from school or university, has the chance to learn and grow here alongside colleagues with vast experience in the field and we all feel the benefit.

Group leader

Felix Vilas

I am proud to work at Altuna y Uria due to its family legacy dating back to 1966 and its capacity to get through sector-based, economic, political and social crises. Our history demonstrates our resilience, adaptation and business success, which encourages me to contribute to our company’s continuous growth.

When developing its business, Altuna y Uria chooses to offer the best solutions to the construction market and its customers, with over 170 highly qualified workers covering more than 50 active work sites throughout the local area, and working in our various offices in Azpeitia, Bilbao, Donostia-San Sebastián and Barcelona.

Your career

If you want to be part of Altuna y Uria, join the team.

Benefits of being part
of Altuna y Uria

Career plan

we offer each worker customised training and development plans, with the chance to pick up new skills along the way and progress throughout their career.


A flexible timetable that can adapt personal and family needs to professional responsibilities, within an organised framework which guarantees that operations run smoothly.


we offer subsidised lunches for anyone who lives more than 10 km away working a split timetable.


Health is a priority, which is why we are actively working to implement medical insurance in the form of flexible remuneration.


TALENTU Programme:
On-boarding and training for your professional development.

Altuna y Uria has set up the TALENTU programme to back young talent, so that they can grow within our company and become the leaders of the future.

TALENTU aims to bring in students from universities (civil engineering and public works, road engineering, architecture and/or technical architecture) and vocational training courses (work site organisation and control, civil engineering, construction, etc.).

We select students for work placements or degree or master’s dissertation projects at Altuna y Uria, by offering:

A tutor assigned to mentor them throughout the process.

Paid work placements.

The possibility of joining our staff.

Cristina González

Architecture degree student. Following a work placement, she joined the organisation as a production manager.

For me, the greatest value of Altuna y Uria is the human aspect and the close, family atmosphere with other workers. I joined the company on a work placement as I was finishing my degree in architecture, and they welcomed me with open arms.

Jaione Izagirre

Working in the administration department. She was promoted internally to the role of corporate financial controller.

It is very important for me to feel valued, and that people trust me so I can keep on growing. I believe that encouraging internal promotion is a good way of compensating a job well done and, in my case, it gave me a boost of motivation.

Amale El Mahfoudy

HR specialist

The quality and the openness of the team made me feel at home from day one, every step was meticulously planned to ensure that I would fit into the team and the company culture.

Mikel Arroniz

Civil Engineering and Public Works degree student. Following a work placement, he joined the contracting department as a contracting specialist.

I have always been helped along the way. I have been given the adaptability and the facilities that I needed to combine my studies with my work placement and to complete my dissertation within the company.

Alex Tola

IT Specialist

Altuna y Uria has given me knowledge, experience and the contacts to keep on honing my skills and working on my professional development.


Altuna y Uria foster innovation, they value teamwork, and they encourage an atmosphere of mutual respect. Find the perfect job for you and keep growing with us. If your profile does not fit our current job offers, you can also send us your CV.

Tecnica/o administrativa/o


  • Realizar las tareas de gestión administrativa propias de su departamento (contabilidad, tesorería, fiscalidad, contratos, facturación, personal, ...) priorizando el máximo aprovechamiento de sus recursos y colaborando en la toma de decisiones para encaminar las estrategias y acciones hacia el cumplimiento de los objetivos.

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