Find out about our Open Innovation Model, working with agents inside and outside the company to bring in the latest technological innovations in construction.

Sustainable innovation

Sustainable innovation is Altuna y Uria’s strategic axis. We use an Open Innovation model, working with agents inside and outside the company to incorporate the latest technological innovations into our project construction and thereby strengthen our capabilities, working together to promote projects based on sustainable development.


the selected challenges currently being developed can be grouped into 2 lines:


Innovation in the process

Integrated Project Delivery

We develop the projects in a collaborative process where the promoter, builder and draughtsman work together from the start, to lower uncertainty and risks.

Last Planner System

We apply an efficient site planning methodology which modifies the programming and control process by reducing uncertainty and variability and implementing the Lean Construction philosophy.

White paper on Decarbonisation

We are defining our own roadmap to reduce CO2 emissions.


Innovation in the product

Altuna y Uria Recyclin

Digital platform for circular management of waste from Altuna y Uria work sites.


Digital tool for real time monitoring on how construction sites are progressing.

Altuna y Uria Twins

Creation of digital twins to improve management and maintenance on completed sites.


New industrialised digital system for modular refurbishment of buildings.


New industrialized building system to extend the useful surface area in buildings.

Tunelan IA

Direct connection system to identify and manage underground infrastructures.

Zermak Smart

System that allows geolocation of site machinery and assets, plus remote monitoring and local control of actuators.

Uria Space

Shared knowledge platform, to share innovative ideas and proposals on how to improve our activities.



Reduction of CO2 emissions in materials, transport and the constructive process, by incorporating emissions data into all the jobs and reducing emissions as a competitive factor.

Digitalization and Monitoring

We digitalize and monitor building projects in real time, working from digital models, a key element to monitor these projects from both the construction company’s and our customers’ perspective.

New residential models

We adapt the urban development projects to new housing demands, offering more versatile projects that meet new market needs.

TOOLS in favour of sustainable innovation

we implement innovative tools in all our processes.


We are implementing Building Information Modelling throughout the building’s life cycle, from the draft project phase up to and including operation and maintenance.


Connected devices that help us to collect data to improve our assets’ efficiency and security.

Big Data and IA

We transform the data we collect into operating and management information, applying AI to optimise and improve process and asset performances.

VR/AR and Simulation

We apply virtual and augmented reality and simulations to anticipate any digital environment issues before they might emerge in the real environment.

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