ALTUNA Y URIA S.A. is currently one of the best-established companies in the Basque Country’s building sector, backed by over 50 years of experience. This is our history.

Our history


Our story begins

Alejandro Uria, grandfather of the current partners, set up Altuna y Uria S.A. in Azpeitia, which worked on refurbishing homesteads and bricklaying in the area.


Second generation

Boosted by the second generation, Imanol, Jose Mari and Ignacio, and thanks to demand from a wide range of public organisations, the company focused on Public Works.


More complex works

We undertook the project to supply water to San Sebastián and its district (at an altitude of 60 m), providing the company with a springboard to work on more technically complex projects.


Self-sufficient company

Working hard on back-to-back projects plus infrastructure jobs, hydraulic, edification and industrial equipment jobs, we developed a complete infrastructure, including all aspects of construction: machinery, quarry, concrete plants, a steel fixing plant and an agglomerated asphalt plant. This has made the company self-sufficient in terms of completing jobs, without having to outsource any aspects. It is autonomous, boasting a highly-qualified multidisciplinary team with great flexibility.


Construction of the Kursaal

We took part in construction of the Kursaal auditorium, one of the most recent emblems of San Sebastián. This was an iconic job, and its complexity binds us even tighter to our local area and projects us into the future.


Sabino Arana Award

SABINO ARANA award in recognition of our commitment to the Basque Country’s progress and economic development.


Altuna y Uria Restructuring

Altuna y Uria was restructured, to ease specialisation in various fields of construction and improve our capabilities concerning social and environmental requirements.


Uria Corporation

The Uria Corporación Empresarial was set up, as head of the group of companies: Altuna y Uria, S.A., Loiola Gestión Inmobiliaria S.L. and Inversiones Inkonur S.L.

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